The Key Elements of a Performance Website in 2022

Internet Whether your website is hosted on a Unix or Windows hosting plan is not known to most visitors of your site. Similarly, your visitors may not know if your site is using traditional hosting or cloud hosting. Further, whether your site is built with the latest software like Python or is another ubiquitous WordPress site is also not easy to distinguish for most visitors. However, visitors can judge when your site is performing good and when they are experiencing performance issues with your site. Their method of evaluation is practical, simple and functional. Visitors evaluate a few simple aspects to judge if yours is a high performance website.

Fast Loading Website: A fast loading site gives a great impression of performance and quality. It is further enhanced if the graphics quality and the color scheme chosen is appealing. A fast loading site, sets a good tempo and feels good to interact with. An animation that loads quickly is another symbolic activity that enhances the impression of the good site in the minds of the customer. No Site Errors or Error Messages on the Site A site that gives out error message like ‘data base connection not found’ or ‘unable to load the script’ or for that manner any other error message creates a bad impression in the minds of the customer.

It does not create a right impression on the performance aspect of your site. Monitor the Site to Resolve Downtime Issues in Reasonable Time There are issues with sites occasionally. Said another way, a website will experience issues on and off. It is not possible to completely eliminate the malfunctioning of the site, as it could be caused by a variety of reasons. You should monitor your site using a good automated service provider and use the malfunction alerts to quickly start the resolution process for downtime issues. That way the uptime can be restored in reasonable time. Customers Ability to Get Personalized Support from the Site A site may be great with useful functionality that allows doing a lot of things without any human intervention.

Also, they could have a great FAQ section that addresses the most common enquiries. However, it is important that the site allows for answering custom queries in a personalized manner within a reasonable time. This facility enhances the user experience substantially and creates an excellent positive reputation for the site in the minds of the visitor. Easy Site Navigation and Flow of the Process Through the Site You have to anticipate the customer expectations, connect with the needs and aspirations of the customers to design a better navigation and flow of pages through the site. The most important parts of the site are the pages listing the major products or services. The pages involving shopping chart navigation are also important.

A site that meets the majority of the visitors expectations regarding the key functions performed on the site i.e. related to purchase of the products or services will create a positive impression in the minds of the customer. Badly designed sites, create a negative impression on the customers. Some Technologies Offer Better Reliability and Site Uptime Than Others The technology evangelists create good impressions about the software and technologies they promote, but in reality many of them don’t make equal impact or perform well in real environment. Between hype and reality there is a lot of difference. Even for Microsoft, not every version of its operating system was a runaway hit. Some versions have done exceptionally well and some have done weakly.

It’s not technology but functionality and user experience that is important to succeed. It is important to ruthlessly evaluate the technologies and choose a technology option that provides best reliability. Today, the expectation of the visitors from a site is quite high. Due to a lot of competition from the various alternatives it can be said that in many cases the expectations have increased. If one site is not able to provide a quality service, there is an alternative site that is providing that option. This has resulted in the customer expectation reaching such levels. You have to accept this reality and ensure your website is able to deliver to the expectations of the customer. Alertra is a leading provider of web site monitoring and alerting services. We monitor the availability and performance of Internet-connected devices. As part of website monitoring service, we provide timely alert notifications and access to detailed reporting. We offer monitoring service to all sizes of businesses right from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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